Saturday, March 1, 2008


I would like to choose the border, because it has a great history. And it does not only divides two countries in which in one side we can see the poorest part of Mexico and in the other side we can see a country of greater expectations, but it also deals with history of some part of the United States that belong to Mexico years ago and dreams of many people who would like to be in the United States and also with dreams of those who would like to go back to Mexico to see their family. I was thinking also in a documental of the man who did the movie "Super Size Me" but the theme was living with a Mexican illegal family for 60 days. And for me this is rhetorical becuase the border means lots of things for people, some of them the ones that I mentioned before.


Oscar Veliz said...

The border is indeed rich in history and culture. You can talk about what borders mean and how they are rhetorically designed to define nations.

Jessica Garcia said...

you are right the border does have lot of history and not alot of people know about it or are in a rush and don't care.when i went to juarez i went to the museum that they have there and they had aot of things about the revolution.
but since al this madness started with theses officials being killed no one to go over there. so one event ruins it for many to learn about these two countries hitories.