Thursday, January 24, 2008

All my life I have been living in a circle of doctors, since all the members of my family work on the field, I have experienced a lot of medical situations. Since I was little, I decided I wanted to become a doctor, it was easy to say and my parents did not thought I was actually going for it because is not an easy career and they don’t think I am intelligent enough but I don’t care because is what I really want it and I think with a lot of effort I can do it. Now that I am in university, I realized that I really want to become a doctor, because I really care about people and I want to help all of those out there that did not have the resources to afford medical services, medicines, etc.
The field I am interested in is pediatrics; it deals with the care of infants and children and the treatment of their diseases. It is said that is a hard branch of the medicine because you are dealing with infants and is hard to know what is wrong with them when they get sick because they don’t talk and you don’t know where the pain comes from. But I think is an interesting profession because you get to know kids and they get to know you and well I think is really interesting and is what I am interested on. And the last thing I can say is that if I have two priorities now in life is my family of course and school.