Saturday, April 12, 2008

March 4, 2008

Today my English teacher Mrs. Ramirez spoke in the symposium. The theme was “Frontera Retorica Symposium & Open House Featuring”. The purpose of the presentation was to discuss “what makes for whicked problems & ways scholars of Rhetoric & Writing Studies can contribute to solving such problems”. There were presentations of undergraduate students, graduate students and presentations of candidates for the ph doctorate. There were three persons presenting their research
The first persons that presented talked about teaching toddlers to cook and look at their behaviors why they are rhetoric.
The second speaker talked about rap and rhetoric.
Both of them were interesting in the subjects they had but my teacher that was the third person who presented got more my attention because she is researching about “Mestizaje” and it became more interesting when I found out that it has to do with our ethnical background.
After Mrs. Ramirez finished, a lady came out with her ideas, good ideas I think.
Overall it was a good presentation and I liked the research my teacher is doing I hope everything goes all right =).
Here are some pictures I took of her while she was presenting.